Reverse Engineering menu

Rev_Eng_menuThis menu has commands that help you create drawings from cable lists.

Clearly, this is the wrong way to go about systems engineering… However, in real life sometimes systems get thrown together in a hurry or become disorganized due to undocumented modifications. connectCAD has the tools to help you get things back on track.

This workflow is a two-step process implemented as two menu commands.

Make Devices from List

This command creates devices from a cable list worksheet. Devices are created based on the frontmost (active) worksheet in the drawing. The worksheet must be in the standard connectCAD cable list format. Make Devices From List checks through the cable list line by line and checks to see if the devices already exist. If the device name is not found a new device is created. If the socket name is not found inside that device a new socket is also created. Input sockets and I/O type sockets are placed on the left, Output sockets are placed on the right.

The results are correct but visually not as tidy as a human-drawn schematic. You’ll find it worth doing some work to tidy up the devices before making connections.

Make Connections from List

This command creates connections between devices on the drawing based on the active worksheet. Where source and destination sockets are fairly close polyline-style connections are drawn, otherwise arrow-style connections are used.

Here’s a hot tip.
When you’re doing the as-built drawings for a project, making corrections can be this simple:

1) Compare List and Drawing – leaves deleted circuits selected.
2) Hit Delete – removes selected circuits
3) Make Connections from List – adds new circuits from the list

Job done !!!