Online Device Sharing

Nobody likes filling in forms, particularly a humungous one like Device Builder with all its mind-boggling details. But we designers have to spend a part of our lives reading spec sheets and doing data entry – no getting away from that. However, what we can do is share the work between us. And that’s what we’re doing in connectCAD 2017. As you create devices in Device Builder the spec of the device gets uploaded to our online repository. So if that device is already in the database you can retrieve the details ready to go. Let’s see how that works.

Find your device online


Just two quick steps:

  1. Enter the Make and Model
  2. Click Find Online

And by magic…


All the device details are retrieved from the database.

So all you have to do now is review the form to make sure it’s accurate and give the device a name. Press OK and you’re done.

So who looks after this database?


You do!

If the device is not in our online database the check box next to the Find Online button will read “Upload this device”. It’s checked by default so please leave it checked unless this is some temporary device you’re making. That way each time you create a new device the database will get bigger and better.

We want to stress that this is a community-run database. The accuracy of it depends on you. So before you upload please make sure that the information is correct the way you would like to receive it. ConnectCAD Limited does guarantee that device specs are always correct and does not take responsibility for this ( necessary note from our lawyer – sorry! ). But we are sure that as designers we’ll all do the right thing and upload good stuff.

What if a spec is incorrect?


If you find an error, just check the box “Update online device” and when you click OK your changes will be uploaded.

It’s great but…

Yes we know! This is just the beginning.

You’d like to be able to:

  • browse the online database,
  • have Make and Model auto-complete,
  • rate the accuracy of specs,
  • leave comments
  • have more than 10 groups of sockets
  • upload existing device specs

connectCAD 2017 is different from previous years. We’ll be bringing out lot’s of new features as the year goes on. The cool thing about Device Sharing is the backend. We’ve implemented what’s called a REST API for the database and that means we can easily integrate it into the support website and also provide extra facilities in Device Builder and other parts of connectCAD.

So please contribute your devices as you make them. Uploading only takes a few seconds and if we all do it we’ll save hours of form-filling.

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