connectCAD does not rely heavily on ready-made device libraries. Instead we’ve made the process of creating and editing devices astonishingly easy.

Why we do things this way

This is a deliberate choice – long and sometimes painful experience has shown that manufacturers do change equipment specifications. Ultimately you, the systems designer are responsible for ensuring that the design is correct. So before money is spent equipment specs should be re-checked with each project. Device libraries are a tempting quick fix when time is short. But they create a false sense of security and can be a source of expensive design errors.

Nobody underwrites the accuracy of product libraries. So be careful what you trust. Sometimes you see words like “extensive community-supported product libraries” touted in other design software packages. You should ask yourself if “community support” also includes compensation for the cost of errors…

Let face it – it’s our responsibility to check these things. That’s what we get the big bucks for isn’t it?

Your personal library

Vectorworks Resource Browser

All that said, it is useful to keep a personal (or workgroup) collection of frequently used devices to speed up drawing. connectCAD provides a simple way to do this using the Vectorworks Resource Browser. Each time you create or edit a device it gets stored as a symbol in the current document.

The Resource Browser allows you to view symbols in any Vectorworks document and drag and drop these into your drawing. It is a simple matter to organize your device symbols into a library document and add this to the Resource Browser favorites for easy access.

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