Layout menu

Layout_menuThis menu has the commands relating to physical layout drawings.

Update Rack Elevation

connectCAD 2015 and before: this command was called “Put Devices on Rack Layout”.

Once your schematic(s) are nearly done, it’s time to look at the how the equipment will be mounted. This command places an EquipItem object on the Rack Elevation layer for each of the devices in the current schematic layer. (If a Rack Elevation layer doesn’t exist the command creates one.) The EquipItems object sizes are set according to the data which you put in when you last edited the device. If an EquipItem for a device is already on the rack layout it will not be placed a second time. EquipItem objects which are added to the rack elevation by this command are placed around the outside of the drawing so you can easily find them and drag them into your rack and console bays.

Refresh Layout

Refresh Layout updates the Equip Item objects on the layout to make sure that they have correctly determined their position within rooms and racks.

Refresh Layout is needed because Vectorworks objects update from the back of the drawing list to the front. So after a move sometimes a situation can arise in which the Rack Equip Item object has incorrect position information.


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