How to install connectCAD

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing connectCAD. We apologise in advance if it seems long-winded but we do try to be comprehensive. If you are already using connectCAD, please take note – in this version we use the new installation mechanism provided by Vectorworks in their Plug-in Manager.

Get the installation zip archive from your order page


You can download connectCAD from your order page on our site. To access the page, log in and go the the My Account / Orders menu, and click on your order number. Here you will see:

  1. the download link – use this to get the software as a zip archive.
  2. the serial number – make a note of this, you will need it for activation.

connectCAD is delivered as a zip archive – open it


Contains: – this is the archive that Vectorworks will install
README file – the usual README that people don’t with useful last minute details

If you have a previous version of connectCAD installed…


Before installing connectCAD ….

  1. Backup your existing connectCAD plug-ins folder to a safe place.
  2. Remove the old connectCAD plug-ins folder from the Vectorworks user Plug-ins path.

Start Vectorworks and open the Plug-in Manager


Here it is under the Tools menu. It’s possible that in some workspaces it may be located elsewhere but this is the usual place.

Go to the Third-Party Plug-ins tab


1) click the Install button.
2) Select the file in the distribution archive you downloaded from us.

When you click Open the connectCAD plug-ins will be installed, plus a template and a workspace file. Once installation is complete restart Vectorworks.

Use the About connectCAD menu to activate the software


Click Get Licence File. This takes you to our site to register.

Note: as of 22 Mar 2015 we have a new website, and you don’t have to be logged in to our site in order to activate.

Online Activation Form


Online activation works like this.

  1. Simply enter your name, company, email address and serial number, and click the Submit button.
  2. A licence file with a name like VFIWC40MYO1QM0MXMMT08LY4001YBG.vss is emailed to you.
  3. Save this file on your disk.

Note: problems with anti-spam restrictions have obliged us to change this form. Instead of the licence being sent as an email attachment, you now download your licence from a link presented after activation.

Now go back to Vectorworks, and click Install Licence, locate the .vss file you just saved and click Open. The licence will be installed.

If everything goes smoothly then the check box next to Install Licence gets a tick and you are ready to go. If you have problems do not hesitate to contact us.

Check on your licence status using the About connectCAD menu


This is how a “happy” installation looks. We hope you enjoy our new version.

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