connectCAD_menuMenus commands let you perform global operations on the entire drawing or on selected items in the drawing. These are grouped under the connectCAD menu, with four sub-menus, Drawing, Layout, Documentation and Reverse Engineering.

About connectCAD…


This command tells you the version of connectCAD and your licensing details. It also lets you get a new licence file from the site if you need to re-activate for any reason. You should check this after a re-activation to clear any stored licence failures.

connectCAD Settings…


This command lets you change global settings that control the behaviour of connectCAD. There are currently two such settings:

  1. Clear circuit numbers on device or socket edit .
  2. Clear cable ID’s on device or socket edit .

When you edit a socket or device the numbering gets cleared when these are checked. This is useful when you are designing new systems and the numbering depends on device and socket naming. However, when you are maintaining an existing system it is important that the numbering is not erased since these cables are now installed with these numbers.

Panel Settings


This area lets you set up all the parameters of jackfields and termpanels in one place.


  1. Character sequence – this is the sequence of letters used for labelling panels in the order they are used. So for example if you have jackfields labelled “AB, CD, EF…” then each character pair will be taken from this list.
  2. Jackfield label type – “AB, CD…”, “A,B,C…”, or numeric (row, delimiter, col)
  3. Term panel label type – “A,B,C…”, or numeric (row, delimiter, col)

Jackfield Panel settings
Let you set up the maximum number of holes for each panel type.

Term Panel settings
Let you set up the maximum number of holes for each panel type

Numbering settings


Here you can inspect define and edit the available numbering systems. This is discussed in detail in the user guide section on cable numbering.

Migrate Old Drawing


In connectCAD 2015 the format of sockets and device labels has changed from symbols to smart parametric objects. There were also significant changes in connectCAD 2014.

To successfully migrate older documents you need to import a set of new systems symbols from a template file. The dropdown lets you select which template to use as the basis for your migrated document.

You also need to select whether you are migrating from connectCAD 2014 or earlier.

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