Connect tool – new version

In connectCAD 2017 version 2 we’ve introduced our new Connect tool – a faster, smoother, more intuitive alternative to our current tool. A small taste of connectCAD 2018. Here we’ll explain how to add this to your workspace and how to use it.

Add the tool to your workspace


Open your workspace in the Workspace Editor ( go to the Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace menu ).

  1. Select the Tools tab in the dialog.
  2. Locate and open the connectCAD_SDK category.
  3. drag the Connect tool into your tool palette

We suggest not to remove the old Connect tool just yet. It is still useful when you need to connect to a Link.

Using Connect


Connect follows Vectorworks rules:

  1. Select the tool
  2. Select the mode
  3. Click on a socket to begin
  4. Click to add corners
  5. Click on a socket to complete

Backspace undoes the last click, Escape exits the tool. You can pan during tool operation by pressing the Space Bar, and zoom in and out using Cmd-1 and Cmd-2 (Ctrl on Windows). All standard Vectorworks shortcuts.



Connect supports all 3 circuit styles:

  • Corner
  • Rounded
  • Arrow

Just click on the mode bar icon to choose the style you want. Vectorworks assigns the key u as a keyboard shortcut to cycle through modes but you can change this if you want In the Workspace Editor. It’s no problem to change modes while you’re creating a circuit.

Connection hints


As you hover over a socket the Device and Socket names are displayed in the mode bar. This saves you zooming in and out all the time to see where you are going.

Layer-to-Layer connections


In arrow mode you can connect to other layers. The process is simple. Just begin your connection on one layer and use the Cmd-Up/Down arrows to cycle through the layers. Click on your destination socket and you are done!


The answer here is “not yet”. If you need to connect to another document please use the old Connect tool.
We will be reviewing the entire way in which Links work for connectCAD 2018 and we would like your input.

We hope you find our new Connect tool useful and we’d be happy to hear from you.

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