Apple iCloud settings may cause connectCAD installation failure

With a brand new MacBook Pro and connectCAD + Vectorworks 2017 Kelly Lichtenwalt was on his way to designer’s nirvana.

But then just after he installed connectCAD Vectorworks began to crash on launch. Here at connectCAD we went on red alert suspecting a hitch with the latest Mac OS. But it was a setting that caused the problem. Kelly found the issue and tell the story:

With the new MacOS, they ask you if you want to access your iCloud Drive. I was in a hurry and checked YES or whatever during the setup of the laptop.
 Instead of your files being saved to the desktop for installation (or any files for that matter), they were being saved to my desktop "in the cloud" behind the scenes.
 That was full (being that I have a ton of files). So ‘Write Access’ to that file was turned off because my iCloud Drive was full. No more space to write to.
 I un-did the “sync desktop and documents folders” in iCloud, and re-downloaded the files to my actual hard drive desktop (after a few trips to google. Apple makes this pretty impossible to see if your laptop is constantly online.)
 I didn’t catch it until I couldn’t see my desktop files. Because I was in the Bowels of an equipment room with no network access. Then it clicked.
 Re-downloaded, re-installed, re-started Vectorworks.
 All worked.
 See photos attached for what to un-check either before you install, or after you can’t install:

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 5.15.55 PM.png

 The short answer is you can not install your software if you set up your Mac’s iCloud to automatically sync documents and desktop to the cloud AND you have a lot of files, and your iCloud Drive fills up immediately AND then you try and install your software from your totally full iCloud account. Even though you can un-zip, and add it as a third party plugin, as soon as you re-launch Vectorworks, it tries to write to that folder and crashes out (my hypothesis).
 Didn’t have the heart to see if the install would work with a NOT full iCloud Drive. I JUST figured this out. Hope it helps somebody else.
 Kelly Lichtenwaldt

Our thanks to Kelly for sharing this.

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