User Origin – don’t use it!

Vectorworks allows you to move the origin (0,0) of your drawing. However, for reasons we will explain this is not a good idea when using connectCAD. So first of all if you are seeing something weird, here’s how to check that you don’t have a user origin set.

How to see if a User Origin is set.


The little icon at the top-left intersection of the rulers is the give-away. If it’s yellow a User Origin is set. If it’s grey then User Origin = Internal Origin, and that’s the way we need it for connectCAD.

Why the User Origin causes problems?

connectCAD uses Vectorworks published API to interact with its CAD platform. This API is not very consistent in the way it handles User Origin. Some functions expect coordinates with respect to the User Origin, some use the Internal Origin. Resolving these discrepancies will need quite a bit of coding and testing time. And frankly unless there is a good use case for origin shift we would prefer to spend our time developing great new features for you.

If you want some technical background check out this article.

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