Reverse arrows don’t point the way I expected!

Uh oh this doesn’t look right, does it?


The arrow connected to the destination socket should point in towards the socket showing the signal flow. So how come it’s not doing that?

From connectCAD 2014 all circuit graphics are controlled through Vectorworks classes. Each signal type has its own class e.g. Sys-Circuits-HDV. These classes are derived from the master class Sys-Circuits. As new signal types are created, a new class is made under Sys-Circuits and you can modify its attributes to your preference. So how do we change those attributes.

Click on the ‘Classes’ icon at the top left of your screen


This opens the Vectorworks Organisation dialog showing all the classes in your drawing.

Double click on the Signal type class your circuit belongs to


The circuits class is found under ‘Sys’ in the dropdown list. This opens a new window which allows you to edit the class you selected.

In the Edit Class window, in the Markers section, select ‘Custom’ from the left dropdown menu


To fix the arrows we need to edit the Markers. So click on the left hand Marker and choose Custom… from the pop-up menu.

In the Edit Marker window that pops up, check the ‘Tail’ option


Hit OK

Now your arrows are pointing the right way:


If you set this up in your template then you’ll never have to do it again :-)

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