Making connections

Now we’ve got some devices let’s connect them up.

Select the Connect tool and click on one of the output sockets.


As you move the mouse away from the socket you will see a blue line extending to join the mouse location back to the socket. This is the circuit path preview. The Vectorscript Message box shows you the name of the start socket.

Move the mouse around to see how it behaves.

Now try clicking the mouse in a blank area of the drawing and move the mouse again.


Each time you click you add an intermediate point to the path allowing you to route the line around obstacles.

Now move the mouse over an input.


The cursor gets larger to show you that this is a point you can connect to.

Click here to finalise the circuit.


The line turns black to indicate that the circuit is now complete and the circuit is selected.

So far so good…

These are the basics – the next step is to attempt a small project and build a real schematic. In the process you’ll get the chance to try all the connectCAD schematic tools and understand the workflow. This is a good time to leaf through the Reference Section to get an idea of the other tools and menus that make up connectCAD and try things out.

We also post “how-to” articles on the website in response to questions people ask. Log in and have a stroll around to see what’s available. If you can’t find answers to your questions there, then contact us and we’ll sort out the problem right away.

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