Links are used in connectCAD to mark sockets that can be connected to from other Vectorworks documents. There comes a point in projects where having everything in one document is inconvenient. Either because it becomes too big or because you need more than one person to work on it at once. Links provide a way to break your project up into modules with clearly defined interfaces between them So let’s see how they work.

Link on socket


Here we have a Link placed on ROUTER IN1. Like Circuits, Links detect the device and socket under them and report this information in the Object Info Palette. If you move a Link the information updates.

The Label is the name by which the Link is identified externally. By default it’s set to <device name>_<socket name> but often you’ll want to change this to a system-level name.

To use Links you must first have saved the drawing. The reason for this is that the path to the document is saved in the link record. This allows the Circuit in the other document to retrieve the most up-to-date Link information. Perhaps the only real limitation of Links is this: right now absolute paths are stored, so once you start using Links you need to keep you files in the same place. Needles to say we are working on that.

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