brief history

connectCAD began in 1999 as an effort to streamline my work as a systems designer. I’d begun evaluating the software then on the market and realised that I needed something less complex, easier to learn, and much more flexible.

“blue-sky” thinking …

At the time I was using Vectorworks® – a powerful 2D & 3D CAD program. Over the years it has proved to be a reliable and stable platform. So it was a natural move to start extending the power of Vectorworks. This collection of software “plug-ins” has evolved into the full connectivity design solution now called ‘connectCAD’.

connectCAD helped me improve the quality, accuracy and speed of my drawing workflow and in the process gave me the opportunity to participate in projects of international significance. I owe a lot to this software and I offer you connectCAD in the hope that it will help you in turn realise your full potential as a designer.

the connectCAD philosophy

connectCAD works with you like a designer buddy. It can read the drawing and make sense of it just like you. When connectCAD gives you a report it’s looking at the same information that you are. So you can always be confident that you and connectCAD are on the same page. Because everything is stored in the drawing there are no database synchronisation issues. connectCAD lets you inspect, modify and extract all your data using standard Vectorworks commands. You are in control at all times.

The workflow of System Design can be divided into several phases:

Concept establishment of basic functions and workflow
detailed drawings of equipment interconnection
layout drawings of rooms, equipment racks and furniture.
compilation of equipment lists, cable lists etc.
labeling of connector panels etc.
delivery of accurate “as-built” system documentation

connectCAD provides an integrated set of tools and functions that speed these processes without restricting your freedom as a designer. Drawings can begin as vague ideas, and shape up as information becomes available – the way real projects work.

Drawings are useful because people understand them. They impress clients, convince engineers, help users, and contribute to the smooth presentation, documentation and maintenance of a project. Effective visual communication needs control over the look of drawings. connectCAD can be customised to give a distinctive look to your drawings either as part of your own house style, or even to meet the requirements of a particular project.

But the work of system implementation is more efficiently organized as lists: cable lists, equipment lists etc. Compiling accurate lists from drawings and updating drawings with changes used to be a painstaking manual process. connectCAD automates all this, giving you a staggering increase in the speed, efficiency and reliability of system design and documentation, with the minimum of rules and fuss.

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