Industry applications

connectCAD has a lot of built-in flexibility and can be tailored to the needs of new situations. Already in the 15-year lifetime of this software feedback from users has helped us to further improve the software, and extend its capabilities to cover a wide variety of system design applications:


connectCAD began life in the world of broadcast TV and radio systems and provides a full workflow solution for broadcast systems design.


connectCAD is in use by internationally renowned lighting and sound designers who work in theatres and concert halls the world over. From digital audio networks to moving lights connectCAD helps designers of fixed and touring shows get it right on the night every time.

connectCAD also has a powerful role to play in the design of fixed installations in venues. Our specialised Connector Panel tools let you easily design and specify those countless custom connector boxes used in audio-visual infrastructure projects.


One of the largest categories of connectCAD users is audio-visual services companies. Both large and small. A/V is a complex and demanding world with ever-increasing client expectations. The pace of A/V technology has outstripped traditional design tools as equipment is often specified after the basic wiring is installed. connectCAD has the unique flexibility to handle this very dynamic environment.


connectCAD thanks to its broadcast heritage has been used for complex IT projects within the broadcast industry. For example nationwide digital terrestrial delivery networks over IP infrastructure with multiple VLANs and complex synchronisation requirements. Thanks to its full integration with architectural plans in Vectorworks connectCAD can help you plan IT networks in any kind of building.

Your industry?

connectCAD is a very flexible tool and can document almost any system of connected entities. The specialisation of tools for particular kinds of connectivity is simply there to speed up the design process, but there is nothing inherently difficult in adapting connectCAD to other applications. So if you have a new application for connectCAD in mind do get in touch. It may be easier than you  think.

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