I want to translate connectCAD into my language. Where do I find the text?

NOTE: this process will be changing in the forthcoming version of connectCAD so please check with us before you begin.

Here’s where to find the text of all the dialogues, messages, etc. that connectCAD gives you. This is not a simple task.

First of all, make sure you keep a copy of your original connectCAD installations somewhere safe, before you make any changes to the text strings.

We’re going to be diving into the inner workings of connectCAD, far below the level where normal users go!

All the tools and commands in connectCAD can be edited using the ‘VectorScript Plug-in Manager’


For example, let’s look at the connect tool


The things you can edit are 1.Properties, 2.Parameters, 3.Strings

1. Edit Properties


Tool Bar string is what appears in the Vectorworks toolbar when you select this tool.

2. Edit Parameters


Only make changes to the alternate name of the Parameter you selected, because the parameter’s name is referred to in the code and connectCAD will become confused if you change it :-)

3. Edit Strings


Select strings and click on “Edit’ to translate them into your own language.

Test thoroughly!!!

With each command or tool that you edit, make sure that every thing works properly and looks good. If you have any questions or observations, let us know preferably with a screenshot that shows what the problem is.

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