How to report a problem

and get it fixed quickly…

  1. Send us an email right away with all the information we need to reproduce the problem here.
  2. Do not try to fix the problem yourself until you have reported it.
  3. Make sure the title of the email describes the problem
  4. Include the following information in the email:
    • Which tool or command you were using when the problem happened.
    • What you expected to happen
    • What actually happened
    • A sample file if possible
    • A short video or screen shot if possible
    • Your system, Mac or PC, OS version, Vectorworks version & edition

The most important factor in fixing software problems is to be able to reproduce them. So please put yourself in our shoes and ask yourself what we would need to know. To see this from an engineers perspective visit this link.

Reports that simply say “Tool X doesn’t work” just leaves us guessing about what exactly happened. Let’s save a bit of time and cut to the chase.

Respectfully yours

Conrad Preen

Manager and Principal Developer
ConnectCAD Limited

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