How to make any device insertable into circuits

One of the unique features of connectCAD is the way you can insert any jackfield or connector panel or DA device directly into a circuit. But what a lot of people don’t know is that you can also use Insert Device to place any device in a circuit. But you have to set up the device symbol in the right way so that Insert Device “knows” which sockets to use as the input and output for insertion. Here’s how to do that.

What makes a device insertable?


We always insert into horizontal portions of circuits running left-to-right. So an insertable device needs to have a primary input and a primary output horizontally to the right of it. That way Insert Device can break the circuit and connect the “cut ends” to the correct sockets.

It doesn’t matter if there are other sockets in the device provided the primary sockets are correctly aligned.

How does Insert Device identify the primary sockets


Let’s take a look inside the device symbol definition ( locate the symbol in the Resource Browser, right-click and select Edit 3D Component ). Two important things to note here:

  1. the primary input is always located at the symbol origin
  2. the primary output is always horizontally to the right of the input.


Making an existing device symbol insertable


When you first create a device symbol using Make Device or Edit, the symbol insertion point (symbol origin) will be put at a location set by connectCAD. This is designed to make the device non-insertable by default. Now having structured your device with the primary sockets opposite each other, you need to identify the primary input. We do this by moving the device so that the primary input is located at the symbol origin.

Let’s try that


Using the Insert Device tool, we click on the circuit, then pick our TEST_SWITCH device from the symbol dropdown. Click OK and…

There it is


You first custom insertable device !!!

Now what could you do with that …. ?

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