How to install plug-in patches

From time to time we release minor plug-in patches that do not justify a complete new release, but you may need them to fix a problem that impedes your work. These are available to registered users from the Downloads section of the support site.

Here’s a step-by-step guide how to install them.

Locate the user folder


Go to the Tools / Options / Vectorworks Preferences menu, and select the User Folders tab.

Click the Reveal inFinder button (Mac) or the Explore button (Windows).

Then exit the dialog and Quit Vectorworks.

Navigate to the connectCAD folder


Copy the patch to the connectCAD folder


Replace the old plug-in with the new one you downloaded from our site.

Restart Vectorworks


Verify that the plug-in is available in your connectCAD workspace and enjoy the new improved facilities :-)

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