How to find all of the files that make up connectCAD.

Here’s the easy way to get to the folders where connectCAD plug-ins and data files are stored. Example shows Mac but PC works the same.


Now you are two steps away from your goal !!!

1) choose the User Folders tab

2) click the Reveal in Finder button

And the folder will open in Finder or Windows Explorer


connectCAD has various components in different folders so while we’re here let’s give you the tour!

SignalTypes.txt and ConnectorTypes.txt are located in the connectCAD_Data folder

Where are the actual plug-ins?


The plug-ins are all in the connectCAD folder. Most of the time you won’t need to go here.

And the Workspace?


In the Workspaces folder…

And the template


All user-created templates and the connectCAD template are stored deep in the user Libraries path. Takes quite a bit of getting to but now you know the way for next time.

Final word

Truth be told, operating systems have not made it so easy for normal users to get to these locations.

On Mac OS the user Library folder is even hidden yet this is their recommended location for developers to store Application Support data. Personally this seems bizarre. But Windows is not so far behind Apple in this respect. Once you’ve found the folder called App Data you then have make the mental connection to open Roaming…? We are running out of meaningful words.

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