How to customise Device labels

connectCAD 2015 and onwards: we’ve made some changes to the way Device labels are implemented in 2015 so the way you customise these has also changed. Here’s the low-down on how the new Device object draws what you see on the screen.

The Device object


In connectCAD 2015 device labels are parametric objects. What that means is you can select them and all their data is displayed in the Object Info Palette ready for you to inspect and update. The object draws what you enter in the OIP on the screen by placing a symbol and inserting the data from the Device parameters. That gives you full control of the look of the object while keeping the convenience of editing thru the OIP.

The key parameter is Symbol: this tells Device which symbol to use for its graphics. Let’s see that in more detail.

The Symbol choice list and how to change it


The symbol choice list is accessed thru the Vectorworks Plug-in Manager;

  1. Go to the Tools / Scripts / Plug-in Manager command.
  2. Select the Device plug-in
  3. Click Edit Definition
  4. Choose the Parameters tab
  5. select the ‘symbol’ parameter
  6. Click Edit…
  7. Click the Choices button in the Edit Parameter dialog
  8. Add extra lines to the choice list. e.g. ‘my_dev_symbol’


And here’s that extra symbol choice


Where are these symbols located


All the symbols connectCAD uses internally can be located in the Vectorworks Resource Browser in the ‘system_symbols’ folder of the current document. Here is dev_label_generic.

Duplicate and rename the symbol to ‘my_dev_symbol’


Right-click on the ‘dev_label_generic’ symbol and select Duplicate. Enter the new name you created in the choice list.

Now edit the symbol to customise the look


Here I’ve added a rectangle fill graphic behind the Device tag text. You can do almost anything here, but for now let’s just see the result.

Click Exit Symbol to commit the change.

New look Devices


Now with the Symbol set to ‘my_dev_symbol’ we get a new look for our devices.

If you want to add extra fields to your devices and display them check out our how-to article called ‘Cuctom Device fields’

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