How to create & save a preset connector panel

Physical connector panels come in particular sizes so it’s handy to be able to save the configuration of the connector panel object and be able to easily generate standard panel designs.

Let’s take this panel as an example.


So we’ve configured the ConnPanel object on the right to match the client specifications on the left. Let’s take a look at the settings.

Object Info pallette & object controls


In this case we’ve added the panel connector types automatically from the corressponding schematic device but we could easily edit them here in the OIP. For example the RJ45 should really be a Neutrik – all we need to do to change that is to edit the symbol name to one of our choosing.

Conn Panel Setup dialog


Here’s the setup – step by step:

1) Use the dropdown to select the device name from the CP’s already on the schematic
2) Enter the panel name here

3) Enter the number of connectors on the panel

4) Choose the font size for the panel label

5) Set the width – in this case 3.688″
6) Set the height – 4 1/2″
7) No bezel in this instance so 0″ here

8) Mounting holes 2 x 2, 0.25″ looks good, inset 0.25″ from the edge of the panel

Save all this as a symbol


Save symbol settings


Selecting Convert to Plug-in Object means that when an instance of this symbol is placed on the drawing, a plug-in object with these current settings is created instead of a normal symbol.

Here’s what it looks like in the Resource Browser


Symbols that convert to plug-in objects on placement are labelled red in the Resource Browser. You can use these either by draggin them onto the drawing or by placing them with the VW Symbol tool.

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