How to create and customize your own ADA and VDA types

On your computer, find the connectCAD_Data folder


The path is C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\ApplicationData\Nemetschek\VectorWorks\2015\Plug-ins\connectCAD_Data (for Windows)

In the Data folder, you will find text documents containing all the data for DA’s

These text files have the the data for VDA’s and ADA’s respectively.

Open the file named ‘VDAdata’

The VDA data is structured as one line of tab-separated values for each DA type. There is a header row at the top that tells you the function of each column of data. To add a new DA type the easiest way is our classic duplicate-modify workflow.

Adding a new DA type

Copy the last line in the file and paste it at the bottom. Now you can modify the values to match your new DA. When you have finished save the file and the next time you use the VDA tool you will see your new DA type at the bottom of the list.

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