How to colour circuits by signal

connectCAD 2014 automatically colours Circuits according to signal type. Here we explain how to set this up to your own preferred colour scheme.

In this sample drawing we have three signal types


The router output are high-def video (HDV), the reference input is analogue video (VID), and the control panel is a serial control signal (CTL_). The colours of these circuits are defined as Vectorworks Classes.

Open the Class Editor


As you scroll down the list you’ll see a set of Classes called ‘Sys-Circuits-CTL’ etc. each of these controls the graphic look of a particular signal type. Let’s try editing Sys-Circuits-CTL right now.

Double-click the class ‘Sys-Circuits-CTL’


Here in the Class Edit dialog you can change the Pen attributes to give these Circuits a distinctive look. Here we’ve set the line style to Dash Style-3, thickness to 0.70 and colour orange. Click OK to exit the dialogs, and now let’s see the result…

CTL Circuits re-styled


Class attribute changes are applied immediately. Now it’s your turn. Go though the other signal types and set the styles for them.

Saving your preferred style

Vectorworks keeps the class settings in the document and you can easily save any document as a Vectorworks template and make that the starting point for your next drawing.

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