How to add custom connector panel symbols

If you have a connector that you use that isn’t in our library, here’s how to add it. We’re talking now about physical connectors as displayed on the Conn Panel Object. Our thanks to Shane for bringing this up.

Let’s look at how connector panels are defined


Physical connectors in connectCAD are stored as symbols. So let’s create a new document from the standard connectCAD template and open the ‘panel_conns’ folder in the Resource Browser.

Let’s edit the BNC D-type connector


The purpose of this just to see how our physical connector symbols are structured

Select the 2D component


Inside the connector symbol


The symbol has two main parts:

  1. a scale drawing of the physical connector
  2. a text label

The symbol has a ‘pnl_con’ record attached (3) and the label text is linked to the value (4) of the ‘ field.

Now exit the symbol edit mode by clicking the Exit button top-right of the drawing area.

Creating your own connector symbol


One of the best ways to create a symbol is to duplicate an existing symbol and then modify it. So right-click on a symbol and select Duplicate.

Give it a new name


Click OK to create the new symbol.

Now edit the new symbol


Select the 2D component. All connectCAD physical symbols are drawn in Screen Plane

Now delete the old graphics and add your own


You can either draw your connector to scale or copy paste ready-made graphics from another document. You should leave the ‘CONN’ label where it is, or if you need the space you can move it down a bit.

When you’re done click the Exit button top-right.

Let’s see that in action


Here’s a ConnPanelObj, and we’ve manually added one TM32 connector and named it CONN1.

So that’s basically how it’s done.

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