How to add connectCAD tools and menus to your favourite workspace

People often have their own favourite way to organise their Vectorworks workspace. Here we show you how to add connectCAD tools and menus to your favourite workspace.

Open the Workspace Editor


First you need to be in your favourite workspace. Here we are already in the standard Designer workspace. Then we open the Workspace Editor.

Create a custom copy of your workspace


Here we’ll demonstrate on the standard Designer workspace but this could just as easily be your own workspace. You can give the workspace your own friendly name. Here we’ll call it “Copy of Designer”

Add a new Menu and name it “connectCAD”


Drag a New Menu from the Commands section into the Menus section and rename it as ‘connectCAD’.

Open the connectCAD commands and drag them in to the new menu


Click the triangle next to connectCAD in the Commands section and drag the commands over into the new connectCAD menu. You can create sub-menus using New Menu and add separators to make your connectCAD menu similar to the standard menu.

When you’ve finished click on Tools to open the Tools tab.

Create a new tool set and add the connectCAD tools


Add a new Tool Set by dragging from the Create section and add tool to it by dragging from the Tools section.

Organise the workspace the way you like it and press Ok to save

Then all you need to do is select the new workspace and you’re ready to go. For more information on setting up workspaces see the Vectorworks User Guide.

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