How to add an extra field to EquipItem objects

Sometimes you may want to add an extra field to EquipItem objects for use in reports etc. for example some people like to add a Heat Dissipation field to add up the aircon loading.

Enter the plug-in Manager


Go to the Third-party plugins tab, select the EquipItem plug-in and click Customize


Go to the Parameters tab and click New…


Give the parameter a name, select the type and give a default value


The name is seen in reports, the alternate name is displayed in the Object Info Palette.

Useful parameter types are Integer, Boolean, Number, and Text. The other types are there for plug-in developers.

Click Ok when you are finished.

Here’s your new parameter


Do not change the order of parameters, you may cause the plug-in to stop working.

Exit all dialogs with OK or Close to return to the drawing.

Now let’s put an EquipItem on the drawing


To do this use Put Devices on Rack Layout to create a Rack Elevation layer (if you don’t already have one) and add an EquipItem using the tool.

With the new equipment item selected you’ll see the Heat diss. field at the bottom of the Object Info Palette. You can enter data here and use the Vectorworks Create Report.. menu command to present and analyse the values.

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