Get connectCAD running

So you’ve installed connectCAD. Now it’s time to take your first steps using the software

Run Vectorworks®

Close the new document that opens by default

Select the File / New… menu, to bring up the Create Document dialog box


Click on “Use document template” and select a connectCAD template from the drop-down menu. Press OK and a new connectCAD drawing file will open.

Now go to the Tools/Workspaces menu and select the connectCAD workspace.

Some new tool palettes will appear on the top and left of the drawing, and a new connectCAD menu will be added.

Go to the Window / Palettes sub-menu and make sure that the items Basic and Tools Sets are activated.


You can drag these palettes into convenient positions or dock them at the sides of the screen.

Snap grid


The new file that you just made will show you a blank work area with a grid of blue lines and dots. The dots are the snap points of the Vectorworks drawing grid. This is set in the standard template at 4mm.

Snap settings


In schematics it’s best to draw everything on the grid, so you should set up the Constraints Palette with only Snap-to-Grid activated now.

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