In connectCAD, device are groups and the Device Label carries all the device-specific information. Here we explain the Device Label object and show you how it works.

Device Label object


Let’s start with the basics – each device must have a Name. The name of the device refers to the piece of physical equipment it represents. So normally device Names are unique in a project. If you put two devices on a schematic drawing with the same Name, connectCAD assumes that you mean the same piece of equipment. This how jackfields (patch panels) work. The individual jacks are scattered all over the schematic but because they all have the same device Name, connectCAD knows they are part of the same panel.

So now let’s look at the parameters:

  • Name – the device name shown in reports and use by connectCAD internally
  • Tag – the abbreviated device name used on drawings
  • Make – the name of the manufacturer
  • Model – the manufacturers model number
  • Description – a descriptive text displayed underneath the device Name, defaults to Make + Model.

Physical characteristics


Physical device dimensions are fairly self-explanatory. These are used by the command Put Devices on Layout to create Equip Item objects that represent devices on rack elevations and floor plans.

Power consumption and weight can also be entered to help with electrical and heat load calculations, and floor loading estimates.

Finally Modular. This is checked if the device is a modular card that fits in a rack frame. And since some modules occupy more than one slot we also have the nslots field to let you define multi-slot modules.



Device locations are usually generated automatically as you move Equip Item objects into their positions. But sometimes you may need to enter information manually to preset a rack location for a device.

The ‘racklocation’ field is simply an automatic combination of all the text in the fields above and it’s used to drive display text.



The Device object actually draws a symbol, and the name of that symbol is the value of the Symbol parameter. In this case it’s ‘device_label_generic’. All the text in the Device object is created by driving text fields linked to record fields inside the symbol. This feature lets you customise the look of devices by editing the symbol used by Device or replacing it with another one.

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