Creating devices

Devices in connectCAD are simply Groups of sockets that contain a device label symbol and whatever graphics you want to depict the device and its function. Let’s create a basic device now

Select the Vectorworks Rectangle Tool

and draw a rectangle – about 32×24 mm for example. Like this.


Use the Socket Tools to add some inputs and outputs.


For the moment you don’t have to fill in all the details of the sockets. The result should look something like this:

Now select all the elements of your device.

Use the Make Device command to create a device.

You can find this command in the connectCAD / Drawing menu


The Device Setup dialog box comes up so that you can fill in the details. It isn’t vital to enter all the information now, but you must give the device a name. Press OK when you’re done.

 And here’s the finished device on the drawing.


Devices don’t have to be dull.

Let your imagination roam a little. Try using clip art and manufacturers graphics to make your drawings more interesting.


Your device is also stored as a symbol.

If you look in the Resource Browser you’ll find a blue symbol stored so you never have to draw it again.


To create another copy of the device just drag and drop it onto your drawing from the Resource Palette.

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