Connector Panel: How to change the maximum number of feed-thrus

Sometimes you want more – it’s only human ! For example connectCAD provides by default a maximum of 20 feed-thru’s per connector panel. This value isn’t cast in stone. We just like to provide you with handy dropdown menus to select numbers instead of typing. In this how-to we show you the tool settings so you can customise them.

Click the Spanner icon top-left


TIP – worth exploring the available settings for all the connectCAD tools (when you have a moment)

Tool settings


Here we have 3 properties that affect the options in the Connector Panel dialog (see next step).

These settings are saved in each document. So you can define templates with the setting you require.

Connector Panel dialog


To let you easily select panel and feed-thru numbers, we provide dropdown menus with numeric values from 0 (blank) to a set maximum number. This limit is defined in the tool settings.

Menu 1) for example has values from 0 – 8. The limit of 8 is defined in property 1) in the Tool Settings.

Feed-thru suffix dropdown


Right now feed-thru suffixes are limited to 20, thanks to the Tool Settings property 2).

Let’s change that to 48.


Here’s the new dropdown


Any suffix value can now be selected from 01 to 48.

But what if I want a value that is not available in Tool Settings?


Of course as always in connectCAD there’s a solution. Now we’re going to show where the choices in these menus are defined.

Go to the Vectorscript Plug-in Editor


Locate the Connector Panel plug-in


Click the Parameters button


Locate the parameter with the Alternate Name “Max. feed-thru’s and click on it to select it.

Click the Edit button


Click the Choices button


and here finally is the list of choices displayed in the Tool Settings dialog.

So if you need to add the value 128 for example, you just type it in here and hit OK to store it.

A final word

Tool settings are used in lots of places in connectCAD to allow you to modify limits without having to ask us each time. It’s worth exploring the tool settings and parameters for the connectCAD plug-ins. When you do modify something make a note of the original settings in case you have to go back…

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