Circuits don’t show on Sheet Layer

Sometimes you can find that in Sheet Layers some Circuits do not appear. Particularly with older drawings which you have updated using the Migrate Old Drawing command. Here’s what to check and how to fix this.

Select the viewport and click the Classes… button


Go to the Sheet Layer you want to check, select the viewport and click the Classes button in the Object Info Palette.

Check the Class Properties of the viewport


Classes with an X in the first column are currently hidden in the viewport. Click to change the icon to an open eye and they become visible. The Preview button lets you check the effect of what you’re doing.

Neat Viewport tricks

You can use the ability to control Class and Layer visibility to control the presentation of your drawing. For example if you want to show only certain signal types.

Vectorworks gives you a lot of flexibility and it’s well worth a browse through the help files when you have a moment.

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