Before you begin

Before you begin there are a few Vectorworks settings that are worth checking. So go to the Tools / Options / Vectorworks Preferences command and click it to open the preferences dialog.

Interactive Settings


By default Vectorworks has the Selection box size and the Snap box size much bigger than shown above and this can cause the Connect tool to pick the wrong sockets. So set these values as shown for easier socket selection.

Turn off Developer Mode


Developer mode means that scripts are compiled each time they are run, That slows things down a lot. So the normal setting should be off.

connectCAD support may ask you to enable this setting if we need to see something. So that’s why we don’t turn it off for you.

Offset duplications OFF


We recommend not allowing Vectorworks to offset objects when you duplicate. For reasons we cannot fathom Vectorworks applies an arbitrary offset unrelated to the grid setting. So all offset duplications end up off-grid which is a nuisance in connectCAD. To cut a long story short just turn it off.

Finding the installation folder


Since Apple chose to hide the user Library folder it’s got complicated to explain to people where our stuff goes. Thankfully Vectorworks has come to the rescue with this useful button Reveal in Finder. Takes you right to the current user folder.

If you are using Inches…


Here’s an important setting to make if you are using imperial units. If you are using metric units it doesn’t matter.

Go the the File/ Document Settings / Units menu, and check the box shown above. This makes sure the units mark is displayed for all dimensions. This makes sure that when you create a device connectCAD will have the information it needs. And later on it can work out what dimensions were used at the time the device was created.

Without this setting it is assumed you are using millimeters (after all we have to assume something.) So if you were in fact working in inches the results will be unexpected.

This is a Document Setting so it needs to be set in the template you normally use to make sure it is always on.

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