Assigning Equipment to racks

This article shows how you can use the Edit tool to pre-assign equipment to particular racks at the schematic design stage.


Let’s look at a typical schematic:


Two devices, a matrix and a video patch panel. (The funky new connector objects are coming up in connectCAD 2014 – just a sneak preview)

We already created a Rack Elevation layer with a rack on it.


You could have done this either by using Put Devices On Rack Layout, or by making a layer called ‘Rack Elevation’ manually.

Back to the Schematic, Edit tool, click on the Matrix device


Let’s pre-assign it to rack 1 at U 7.

Now let’s use the Edit tool on our patch panel


We’ll assign this to rack 1 but not set a U position

Now do Put Devices On Rack Layout


MATRIX goes in as assigned, VJF_A is ‘parked’ under the rack ready for you to drop it in place. Parking is handy in large systems where you have to find space in existing racks to put new equipment. You know which rack it should go in but you have to shuffle stuff around to fit it in.

3 thoughts on “Assigning Equipment to racks”

  1. Once you’ve got an Equip Item defined on your rack elevation this controls the schematic device’s location info. When you think about it if we allowed you to edit the location info then we’d also have to move the Equip Item to the new location – on a layer that you can’t see… That could end up being very confusing.

  2. Hi Derek,

    Just looking at this… This feature of the Edit tool was designed to allow you to assign equipment to specific racks or positions within racks as an alternative to the drag and drop workflow. When reworking big systems it often helps to “park” new devices under the rack where they belong while you sort out the new layout. The short answer here is WORKS AS DESIGNED. But I should explain my thinking behind this.

    The Rack ID and RackU location dropdowns in the Edit tool dialog show you the available locations. So for these to be useful some racks must have been defined on the Rack Elevation layer before you begin. Once you have placed a rack its ID appears in the dropdown and you can the set the U position. On the next Update Rack Elevation an EquipItem object will be placed in the preset position. If an EquipItem already exists on the Rack Elevation for this schematic device then the location dropdowns will be disabled. The Edit tool does not move existing equipment in racks because you can’t see what you are doing. If you need to move an existing piece of equipment it’s better to go to the Rack Elevation and just drag it to where you want.

    I do note that when the Rack Elevation layer has no racks the Edit tool dialog disables Rack Location settings because there is nothing to go in the drop-downs anyway – I agree it’s slightly confusing. It’s a minor user interface point and we’ll fix that in the next version.

  3. Hello,

    I have tried to edit my devices so that I may edit the location and load them into racks in my rack elevation layer, but I am unable to edit the location section of the device and are grayed out. If I put the devices in manually after updating the rack elevation, I can see that the devices’ locations have updated, but are still grayed out and unable to be edited. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to fix the problem. Thank you.

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