Assigning Equipment to racks

This article shows how you can use the Edit tool to pre-assign equipment to particular racks at the schematic design stage.


Let’s look at a typical schematic:


Two devices, a matrix and a video patch panel. (The funky new connector objects are coming up in connectCAD 2014 – just a sneak preview)

We already created a Rack Elevation layer with a rack on it.


You could have done this either by using Put Devices On Rack Layout, or by making a layer called ‘Rack Elevation’ manually.

Back to the Schematic, Edit tool, click on the Matrix device


Let’s pre-assign it to rack 1 at U 7.

Now let’s use the Edit tool on our patch panel


We’ll assign this to rack 1 but not set a U position

Now do Put Devices On Rack Layout


MATRIX goes in as assigned, VJF_A is ‘parked’ under the rack ready for you to drop it in place. Parking is handy in large systems where you have to find space in existing racks to put new equipment. You know which rack it should go in but you have to shuffle stuff around to fit it in.

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