Activation changes in connectCAD 2018 v2

Installing and activating connectCAD just got way easier. In this update we have streamlined the process of registration and installing a licence.

On Vectorworks startup

If you’ve just installed connectCAD or our software needs activation here’s what happens: When you start up Vectorworks, first the activation web page will open in your web browser and Vectorworks will pause showing you this message. Once you’ve completed the activation form you just press OK and your new licence gets installed automatically.

Web activation page

The activation form is very much as before. Fill in your details and your serial number and press Activate to create a licence.

connectCAD informs you right away if there’s a problem

Down here bottom right  of the drawing area we have a new status warning if there’s anything that needs attention. If you need to do anything about licence activation we give you clear directions what to do next.

About connectCAD dialog

If there’s an activation problem, or you haven’t activated yet, this is what you see in the About connectCAD dialog. Three simple things to note:

  1. Licence status: These are explained on our support website and if you need our help let us know the error code so we can quickly fix the problem.
  2. Get Licence: Takes you to the web activation page to create a licence for this machine.
  3. Install Licence: Gets the licence you created above direct from our site and installs it ready to use. If you are not connected to the internet or our site cannot be reached, the classic file selector dialog opens and you can install the licence manually.

When you press OK the licence is checked and assuming the licence is correct, connectCAD is activated right away – no need to restart Vectorworks.

connectCAD activated

When connectCAD is correctly activated you will see the Licence Valid graphic in the About connectCAD dialog.

If you can’t activate?

You need a valid licence for connectCAD to operate. If the web activation form does not give you a licence when you press the Activate button, you will see a message on the next page. Normally this will explain the situation, but if you need help from us don’t forget to make a note of the error you see so we can get quickly to the cause of the problem.

If the licence created does not activate connectCAD then go to the About connectCAD menu, make a note of the error code and contact us for help. Most of the time this is caused by using an older serial number.

We hope this update will make life easier and let us all focus on making great design software.