Activation changes for connectCAD 2015 & earlier

We have upgraded our main website to SSL to keep up with modern standards and to make sure that transactions are fully secured. A side-effect of this is that our software activation URL has changed. We have fixed this in connectCAD 2017 and 2016 but earlier versions now do not activate from within the software.

In connectCAD 2015 for example you will find that the Get Licence button takes you to this URL

The highlighted part will be different on each system. To activate connectCAD 2015 and earlier you now have to edit the URL as follows:

i.e. replace the ‘code’ parameter with the one from your system. This will take you to the activation form where you can enter your details and serial number.

We respect the need sometimes to activate old software in order to access documents so we will always support this. But it would be a poor use of our resources to rebuild and test versions going back more than 2 years.

If you are still using connectCAD 2015 or earlier it’s definitely time to upgrade! There is so much in our latest version. So do contact us for a special upgrade price.

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